Chronology of passenger service of  VIA Rail in Gaspésie – Stoppage of service

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2017-12-20 to 2018-01-04 : The RÉGÎM offers a brand new shuttle service between Gaspé and Campbellton’s VIA RAIL station (round trip). This additional service will allow people traveling on the train to continue their journey to several municipalities on the south side of the Gaspé Peninsula, or to travel to the train from several stops in Gaspésie.

2011-12-12 : Last train to travel from New Carlisle to Gaspé Monday, December 12, 2011, when the last train (VIA 16 and 17) reached Gaspé. Reason cited: State of the railway bridge at Grand Pabos at Mile 42.

2011-12-19 : Suspension of service between Matapédia and New Carlisle for 5 months, until 2012-05-14; Report on the condition of bridges by Hatch Mott MacDonald, published in December 2011; Train New Carlisle-Gaspé: pas de service avant la fin de 2012, Le Soleil, 2 octobre 2012, auteur Gilles Gagné; Work was carried out on the two bridges on the Cascapedia River to strengthen them.

2012-05-14 : Resumption of passenger train service between Matapédia and New Carlisle.

2013-08-01 : Serious problems of the signaling at level crossings; The train was stopped for one or two trips and after the train started again for a few days.

2013-08-13 : End of VIA Rail passenger train service between Matapédia and New Carlisle; Continuation of the service with buses until 2013-09-17.

2013-09-17 : End of bus service and complete stoppage of VIA Rail service in Gaspésie.

Thanks to Anthony Bernard Prince for his collaboration in the dates published in this page.


(Page en Français)

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