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Chronology of passenger service of  VIA Rail in Gaspésie – Stoppage of service

2011-12-12: Last train to travel from New Carlisle to Gaspé Monday, December 12, 2011, when the last train (VIA 16 and 17) reached Gaspé. Reason cited: State of the railway bridge at Grand Pabos at Mile 42.

2011-12-19: Suspension of service between Matapédia and New Carlisle for 5 months, until 2012-05-14; Report on the condition of bridges by Hatch Mott MacDonald, published in December 2011; Train New Carlisle-Gaspé: pas de service avant la fin de 2012, Le Soleil, 2 octobre 2012, auteur Gilles Gagné; Work was carried out on the two bridges on the Cascapedia River to strengthen them.

2012-05-14: Resumption of passenger train service between Matapédia and New Carlisle.

2013-08-01: Serious problems of the signaling at level crossings; The train was stopped for one or two trips and after the train started again for a few days.

2013-08-13: End of VIA Rail passenger train service between Matapédia and New Carlisle; Continuation of the service with buses until 2013-09-17.

2013-09-17: End of bus service and complete stoppage of VIA Rail service in Gaspésie.

Thanks to Anthony Bernard Prince for his collaboration in the dates published in this page.

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