November and December 2020

We are currently working on the implementation of keywords that will facilitate the search for articles or topics published in connection with the Gaspésie railroad.

This project has been divided into two main phases:
– Step 1: Index articles by media, media-authors and authors.
– Step 2: Index the articles by topics covered in the article.

The keywords for search by media, by authors (journalists) and by media-authors are now available for all articles (of all years) entered in our database. Good research.

How to access the keywords:
1- On the page where you are reading this message, you will find at the bottom, immediately after the word ” Recherche”, the complete list of keywords that are registered in the database.
2- Locate and click on the searched keyword in the list.
3- The search engine will display all the results found for this keyword.
4- The results displayed are grouped by year. To see the results, click on the tab of the year that interests you.

Follow us on this page to learn about the development of these new features.

Complete list of all currently available keywords. More than 600 keywords available to facilitate your research.