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Mission of the Coalition of Gaspé for the future of passenger train:

Working at the resumption of passenger train services for the following reasons:


In Gaspé, we have a serious problem with the transport.

The VIA Rail passenger train is no longer circulates between New Carlisle and Gaspé since 12 December 2011 and since 17 September 2013, traffic also stopped between Matapedia and New Carlisle. The train from Montreal then stops at Matapédia, for travelers whose destination is the rest of the Gaspé coast.

Since early 2015, the Orléans Express service offers one daily departure to Rimouski, Quebec City and Montreal and only one departure per day from major centers to the Gaspé coast. This trip takes place at night without bed comfort in cars on long journeys Via Rail. We are threatened by the complete abandonment of the bus transport service in the near future.

In terms of aircraft, Pascan Aviation has halved its departures from the Gaspé and Bonaventure airports. And with its exorbitant price, people in the Gaspé does not have the financial means to travel by plane.

The Gaspésie population is aging and that says aging said disease. Which often means the obligation to receive care in major centers for medical services that are not offered in the Gaspé hospitals. The elderly or people with cancer who have to travel to larger centers for treatment were not always adequate transport. So we must find a solution quickly to this issue.

In addition, tourists who want to visit the Gaspé also entitled to a reliable and affordable means of transport. In addition, many young families use the train when it is available. Finally, the Gaspé and visitors want a way of green public transit, corresponding to 2015 values, which will become essential in any way in the future, in view of the gradual depletion of fossil fuels.


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