Currently the RÉGÎM shuttle service is not available. VIA Rail train service from Halifax to Montreal has been suspended because of the Covid-19

Shuttle to VIA Rail train

Gaspé to Campbellton (round trip)

From December 20, 2019 to January 5, 2020, RÉGÎM is offering a brand new shuttle service between Gaspé and Campbellton’s VIA RAIL station (round trip). This additional service will allow people traveling on the train to continue their journey to several municipalities on the south side of the Gaspé Peninsula, or to get to the train from several stops in Gaspésie.

NEW: It will also be possible to book a ticket for a short distance, without necessarily taking the Campbellton train. For example, it will be possible to book a ticket between New Richmond and Chandler or from Grande-Rivière to Gaspé.

How do shuttles work?

A new shuttle service allows travelers to continue their journey to Gaspé, or from one of the stops in the Gaspé Peninsula to the VIA Rail station in Campbellton.

These shuttles are available only upon reservation.

Buy your train and shuttle ticket together on the VIA Rail website or by calling 1 888 VIA-RAIL.

When you buy your VIA Rail train ticket, enter one of the Gaspésie municipalities where the shuttle bus stops, and buy your train and shuttle ticket in one operation.

Please arrive at the stop 20 minutes in advance and have your shuttle and train ticket purchased in advance.

Note: The information published on this page comes mainly from the website of the REGIM, as well as from the VIA Rail Canada website. We invite you to consult them.

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